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   "Alice's Loft Music is a magical wonderful studio to record in. It has a sublime Bluthner Grand Piano which is a delight to play and all the state-of-the-art studio facilities. All of this is housed in a unique space that makes you feel very comfortable and extremely inspired. Named after one of the most enchanting Fairy Tales ever written "Alice in Wonderland", the studio is fittingly situated on Carol Street in Camden. I highly recommend this place to any instrumentalists or singers looking to record! This is a hidden gem on the streets of North London. Check it out!!!"  

Tamara Barschak

   "I really enjoyed my recording sessions at Alice's Loft. I was looking for a quality space where I could record a solo piano/vocal performance and I certainly found it! The piano was recorded immaculately - it's such a dynamic instrument and every nuance of my performance was wonderfully captured. Furthermore, the recording of the voice was also excellent. As an experienced musician herself, Denise really knows how to get the 'best out of you'. Some of my songs are exceptionally difficult to perform with a large vocal range and she really helped me find the right approach. I sense that she's had experience as a vocal coach and she is highly skilled in encouraging the performer to make the most of their skills and abilities. That's critical, when you record you need someone in the control room who's personable and encouraging. Denise has these skills in abundance.

   When it came to the mixing, Denise is a perfectionist who really gets lost in your music and is dedicated to ensuring that she gets the best possible balance and mix. She definitely 'went that extra mile' in ensuring that I had a CD that I am delighted with. She ensured that the reverb/delay really suited the character of the song. I was also really pleased that Denise worked closely with the mastering engineer in ensuring that he had 'enough headroom' to do his job brilliantly. 

   I've come out of the experience with a CD that I'm hugely proud of. I'm sure that it will do well, gain some radio play and good reviews and most importantly be highly valued by the fans and supporters that buy it!

   Thank you Denise - it was a great experience! I will definitely be back"!

Andy Smythe


   "The first thing I noticed on entering Alice's Loft was the atmosphere, this to me is one of the most important factors when deciding where to record. The studio is so calm, serene and intimate that it feels like a chapel, something that lends itself to and inspires the creative process of recording. Denise was really warm, professional, meticulous and most importantly really positive about creating the sound I wanted whilst giving positive advice and feedback throughout. To add to all of the above, the Bluthner grand is breathtakingly beautiful to play and to hear, it is really something else. A thoroughly inspiring and productive experience."  

Johan Allerfeldt


   “As soon as we saw the stunning visuals of Alice’s Loft, we knew it would be the perfect backdrop for our promotional video. As an acoustic vocal & piano duo, the studio’s spacious layout, large floor-to-ceiling windows and elegant mirrors fitted our natural look and sound perfectly, and the grand piano sounded as magnificent as it looked. Of course, the most important aspect of a recording studio is how it all sounds, and the quality of our recording easily matched the beauty of our surroundings. With Denise and Marcin making us feel at home whilst working efficiently throughout the day, we were delighted with our recording experience in the loft, and so many people that have seen the resulting video have commented on how beautiful it looks. Since then we’ve been recommending Alice’s Loft to everyone we can!”

Tim & Lizzie, Crimson Keys


   “Alice’s Loft Music is a beautiful space in which to create and record music. Denise is an excellent producer, providing constructive advice and adding creative ideas within a supportive and encouraging approach. Above all, she is massively enthusiastic about doing the best possible job. Both her and Marcin (the in-house sound engineer) are highly talented and a real pleasure to work with. I couldn’t have made a better choice for recording my album.”

Sam Williams, Vocalist, Pianist, Song-Writer


   “Alice’s Loft is a fantastic studio, unique to London. Each time I record there, I feel a profound sense of peace and calm, as if I am at home. And yet, it’s in the middle of Camden Town! The end product has always sounded stellar as well. A truly wonderful room and piano, and I hope to record there again soon.”

Austin Nash Park- Pianist, singer and composer


   “I like to feel at home when I am recording and that’s exactly how I felt recording with Denise at Alice’s Loft Studios. I was inspired and grounded, as if I was playing in my own living room but instead of a Yamaha at a gorgeous Concert Grand with the most beautiful tone, melting my heart every time I touched it.. Not surprising that I want back again… several times!” 

Othon Mataragas Pianist and Composer


   “Alice’s Loft is a remarkable space to discover in central London – certainly cosy, but great to work in. Denise stepped in when it looked as if a project of mine could have been in real trouble and I’m very happy indeed with the results.” 

Dominic Lash– Bassist, Composer, Band Leader


   "Beautiful space, the piano was a joy to play. Adam and Denise really helped get the sound I needed and the space just added to the magical atmosphere"

Kevin Pollard– Pianist.Composer

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