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Alice’s Loft Music specializes in musical recording and the production of original music and arrangements. Our Camden studio offers a special unique, warm and open environment; once inside, you will feel as if you are in a lush green forest that beautifully contrasts London’s surrounding element. It’s like being in another world. The 40-foot ceilings and Canadian white maple floors create an exclusive space that produces first-class acoustical results – ideal for the ‘live’ recordings of strings, piano, vocals and bands. Our Camden Studio features our 6'3" 9 year old Weber Piano.  


















The Isle of Wight Studio

We are now offering recording services in our new studio on the wonderful Isle of Wight. Our gorgeous 7'6" Blüthner is there along with full recording services including a Tama Ambassador Drum set. We provide accommodation surrounded by a wonderful tranquil setting in a 500 year old manor.  Our Blüthner is in excellent condition featuring the famous Blüthners' signature' patented Aliquot stringing. It features a 4th string in the treble register which isn’t struck by the hammer but sympathetically vibrates offering a rich, singing tone. This incredibly dynamic sound extends particularly to the bass tones, allowing it to sound great within any type of genre, be it jazz, pop, classical or modern styles. Our Isle of Wight studio is now open and available for recording. Please contact us on our submission form to inquire about the studio and availability.


     We now provide any mixing services for our clients. Our in house engineers Matthew Cooke and Marc McCouig are happy to do any mixing you require for your projects.



Alice's Loft is run by composer/artist/producer Denise Mangiardi. If you would like arrangements written for your music or film, we are here to help you to create your envisioned project. Please refer to our production page to hear some examples of vocal, string, horn, or orchestral arrangements. 


Music Videos

Alice's Loft's intimate and light atmosphere is the perfect place for your music video. If you would like to bring in your film crew, please book to make an appointment and we'd be happy to accomodate them. Our engineers will provide the space and amps to sink an already recorded track into your filmed material. If you are interested in a livetrack, please let us know your ideas and we will do our best to provide you with what you will need for your recording.




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