Denise Mangiardi

Written by Laura Nyro

Arrangement by Denise Mangiardi

Strings, Vocals, Drums Recorded at the Loft

Engineer: Chris Parker

Mixed: John Alcott

Mastered: John Weber (Air Studios)

Piano and Vocals recorded at the Loft

Engineer: Denise Mangiardi

Mixed and Mastered: Denise Mangiardi

Simon Young- Composer Pianist

'Ardingly Reservoir' written and performed by Simon Young

Solo Piano recorded at the Loft

Engineer: Matteo Galesi

Tamara Barschak Recording 'Rivers Of You'.
"Rivers of You" was written/composed  by Tamara Barschak

Jazz Quintet Recorded at the Loft

Engineer: Chris Parker

Message To My World
David Sye and David Punshon

Vocals Recorded at the Loft

Featuring David Sye

music written and arranged by David Sye and David Punshon

Vocals recorded at the loft

Engineer: Marcin Wolniewicz

Solo Piano 

Wearied Echoes extended from "Under RIver Water" Album

Written and Performed by Johan Allerfeldt

Engineer: Denise Mangiardi

OPABINIA -Dominic Lash

Jazz Quintet recorded 'live' at the loft
 Written and performed by the Dominic Lash Quartet
 Babel Label Released 24th February 2013

 Dominic Lash-Bass
 Alexander Hawkins-Piano Javier Carmona-Percussion Ricardo Tejero-Sax/Clarinet

 Engineer: Denise Mangiardi


Vocal/Piano Recorded at the loft
Written, performed and produced by Meadhbh Boyd

Engineer: Denise Mangiardi   Mixed: Niall Alcott     Mastered : Ray Staff

Diego Laverde Rojas (Harp)   Adrian Lever (Guitar)

(Harp) (Guitar) recorded at the loft

 Written and Performed by Diego Laverde Rojas

 Engineer: Denise Mangiardi

 Mixed: Adam Crowe     Mastered: Ray Staff

 Denise Mangiardi


Piano and Vocals, Guitar,Bass and Drums recorded at the loft

Written and Arranged by Denise Mangiardi

Piano and Vocals: Denise Mangiardi – Drums: Jeff Boudreaux –

Guitar: Jerome Barde-  Bass: Michael Benita

Engineer: Marcin Wolniewicz   

Mixed: Niall Alcott     Mastered: Ray Staff


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